Monday, March 8, 2010

Culinary "To Make" List

I love lists!  They make me feel good when I cross things out, but more importantly, they help me remember.  In the back of my head I've always had a running list of things I want to make (or ingredients I want to use).  It wasn't until the other day when I told myself I really need to write my list down.  So here it is.  I'll add more items as I come up with them, and I'll mark things off as I make them. At some point, I want to make a spot on the blog that goes directly to this list so it's easier for me to check in and update.

NOTE:  The updated list can be found on it's own page now:  Culinary "To Make" List

What's on your culinary to do list?  What else should be on here that every Cooker Girl (or Boy) should know?  Basic stuff and more exotic suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for your input!


  1. That's a great list! I'm glad to see butter on it, because it's so, so easy, I'm surprised more people haven't tried it.

    And what's a cake pop?

  2. Cake Pop: Bake a cake, crumble it, mix it with frosting, roll into balls, insert a lollipop stick, freeze it, coat with chocolate, then decorate.

    The Cake Pop Queen: Bakerella
    I think she's the one who created the original cake pop. Now I see them all over the baking blogs.

  3. I am also with you on the Cake Pops. I *really* want to make that!

    BAKERELLA!!!!! That's the one I saw! Once I saw that, I wanted to make it!