Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beer & Chili Party

Last year we celebrated the 1st annual Cleveland Beer Week with the Bacon and Beer Party.  This year we celebrated with a potluck Beer and Chili party (sadly nobody showed up in an unexpected costume this year).  We had a deliciously wide variety of beers and three different chili recipes to sample.  I did not make chili, but I did make corn muffinssugar cookie bars and pumpkin cupcakes.  In case you hadn't seen it though, here is my recipe for chili.

The food was good and the company was great!  I'm looking forward to our next gathering.

This first chili was of the vegetarian variety which was chock full of corn and an assortment of beans.

The second one was what I think of as a more traditional chili with a tomato base, ground beef, sausage and beans.

The third chili was another tomato base, but this one was smoky and spicy.  It was made with ground beef, bacon, beer (stout) and sausage.

My favorite was actually a combination of the first two.  The vegetarian chili was super thick and the more traditional one had more liquid than I would typically like in my chili.  However, when the two were mixed together, it was a great flavor combination and texture.

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