Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Year Blogiversary

I've been taking some time off from blogging recently, but I didn't want to miss my two year blogiversary.  Since last year, I actually started posting regularly (well, with the exception of the past two months).  I also started meeting some other bloggers in Cleveland when I joined the Ohio Blogging Association last fall.  It's been really great getting to know this amazing group of people.

Going into my third year blogging, I've been thinking about buying a domain name and possibly switching from Blogger to Wordpress, but we'll see.

Here are a few posts from the past year, thanks for reading!

We had a Beer and Chili Party, I provided dessert in the form of Sugar Cookie Bars and Pumpkin Cupcakes:

I made a Lemon Cake with Raspberry Curd for my three year wedding anniversary:

I recreated my Grandpa's Goulash:

I scratched English Toffee off my Culinary To Make List:

I made another family favorite (this time from my Gram) Chocolate Crackles:

I created an appetizer (Goat Cheese, Grape and Candied Walnut Bruschetta) that turned out to be pretty impressive:

I started cooking more fish, Fish Tacos are a favorite:

I shared my Pi Day Pie Party menu:

For the second year in a row, I made treats for Valentine's Day to send out to family and friends.  The cake balls were a hit!

For something a little different, I made Beet Risotto:


  1. Happy blogiversary! I still need to try making that goat cheese bruschetta...sounds amazing!

  2. A very happy blogiversary!!! This post is seriously making me hungry!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! Your mission is to figure out to make Red Beans and NOLA everyone traditionally makes it on Mondays! PS...if you ever want to send some love down here, I will never refuse:

    1224 Cambronne St.
    New Orleans,LA 70118