Thursday, September 6, 2012

30 Before 30: 10 Month Update

Only 2 more months until I'm 30! I have to say I'm not nervous/scared/whatever some people feel as they age. I'm actually a little excited! I don't know why, but maybe it's just because a milestone birthday is a great excuse to have a party. And I am having a party!

30 Before 30:
(in no particular order)
  1. Attend a concert at Blossom (We went when the Cleveland Orchestra had a John Williams tribute: soundtracks from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., Jaws, etc.)
  2. Keep in touch with people better (I've been texting a lot more so this helps)
  3. Blog more regularly (I was doing well until the summer hit, but I've been getting back into again)
  4. Participate in a blog swap (Since my last update I guest posted on Clue Into ClevelandEat*Drink*Cleveland and Peave Love Bagels. My posts were about local BLTs with homemade mayo, my favorite wine shop and how to DIY microwave popcorn, respectively.
  5. Sing karaoke in public 
  6. Bake for a good cause
  7. Visit my sister in Atlanta
  8. Visit my brother in New Orleans
  9. Volunteer (nothing since April, I should volunteer at least one more time)
  10. Attend a Tremont Art Walk 
  11. Visit one of Cleveland's beaches
  12. Now that the elephants are back in their new habitat, I want to visit the zoo again.  (I won tickets to Date Night at the Zoovies. We got to wander around after hours and watch The Breakfast Club in their ampitheater.) 
  13. Visit the MetroParks outside of Solon
  14. Host more parties (I've hosted 5 parties in 10 months and I've got my first bimonthly supper club dinner this weekend.)
  15. Learn how to draw
  16. Spend less time on the computer (I've been doing okay)
  17. Visit Stan Hywet Hall (I work near there now, so this should be easy to do in the next few months)
  18. Try to relax (This is even harder now that we have 5 temporary roommates)
  19. Make our wedding album (our 5 year anniversary is a month before I turn 30) (Haven't even started, I need to get moving!)
  20. Visit the West Side more often
  21. Attend a Lake Erie Monsters game
  22. Attend a Burning River Roller Girls bout 
  23. Go skydiving (Coming soon!!)
  24. Learn how to use some of the features on our camera
  25. Go tobogganing
  26. Be more positive about day to day stuff
  27. Try at least 6 new restaurants
  28. Drink more wine
  29. Visit Cleveland's Asiatown and eat dim sum (This was so fun!  We took my parents when they were in town for Father's Day)
  30. Exercise more (I'm on and off)
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  1. You are doing great! I'm glad to see that you've accomplished "drink more wine!"

  2. We'll be out before your birthday and the you can really cross relaxation off your list!!

    1. haha! I have issues relaxing even when it's just Kevin and I, that's why it made the list in the first place.