Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 Before 30: 6 Month Update

In 6 months, I'll be turning 30.  Let's see how I'm doing on my list.

30 Before 30:
(in no particular order)
  1. Attend a concert at Blossom (We're going to go when the Cleveland Orchestra plays music from John Williams)
  2. Keep in touch with people better (I suck at this)
  3. Blog more regularly (so far so good, the real test will be over the summer when I always seem to drop off)
  4. Participate in a blog swap (I guest posted on EatDrinkCleveland! And last fall OBA hosted a blog swap, I posted on Amie's blog.)
  5. Sing karaoke in public (I sang Wilson Phillips "Hold On" by myself, then I made a few people sing "Love Shack" with me)
  6. Bake for a good cause (I'm baking cookies as a thank you for people donating to my siblings Tour de Cure fund.  I've been sending treats overseas through Operation Baking Gals for the past few months.  If you know anyone in the military, send me their information and I can get a group together to send stuff over.)
  7. Visit my sister in Atlanta (I've been keeping my eye on airfare to go down when some of my family is visiting this month)
  8. Visit my brother in New Orleans
  9. Volunteer more (I've volunteered at the Cleveland FoodbankWJWC Fashion Show, and made Jump Ball Ball decorations)
  10. Attend a Tremont Art Walk 
  11. Visit one of Cleveland's beaches
  12. Now that the elephants are back in their new habitat, I want to visit the zoo again.
  13. Visit the MetroParks outside of Solon
  14. Host more parties (I've hosted 4 parties in 6 months)
  15. Learn how to draw
  16. Spend less time on the computer (major fail on this one, but at least I am watching less TV)
  17. Visit Stan Hywet Hall
  18. Try to relax (I had a major breakthrough last weekend!  I was home all day on Saturday and did nothing productive, the kicker was that I didn't feel guilty about it!)
  19. Make our wedding album (our 5 year anniversary is a month before I turn 30)
  20. Visit the West Side more often (I have been rocking this)
  21. Attend a Lake Erie Monsters game (I forgot how much fun hockey games are, probably the best sport to watch live.)
  22. Attend a Burning River Roller Girls bout (We went last night and it was really cool!)
  23. Go skydiving (I bought a Groupon to do this!!  I'm so excited/scared!)
  24. Learn how to use some of the features on our camera (I've been experimenting with the focal length when I take food pictures)
  25. Go tobogganing (Didn't get to this.  Didn't have much of a winter this year, so hopefully next year.)
  26. Be more positive about day to day stuff
  27. Try at least 6 new restaurants (This was a lot easier than I thought with the help of Girl's Night Out:  Taste, Washington Place Bistro, Tartine Bistro, Indian Delight, Noodle Cat, Cowell and Hubbard, Hodges, SOHO)
  28. Drink more wine (started off really well, but it's slowed down, lately I've been drinking more beer)
  29. Visit Cleveland's Asiatown and eat dim sum
  30. Exercise more (I'm on and off with this, I need to make it a higher priority)

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  1. Love your list and you are really doing great with it!! Thanks for the guest post - you rock! I want to help you drink more wine....