Friday, May 4, 2012

Please Donate to ADA Tour de Cure

Okay, I'll put it right out there: I'm asking for donations on behalf of my siblings, and I'm willing to bribe you with cookies!  Jim and Melissa are riding in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure later this month (the 37 mile route).  It's just the two of them (Team WolfePack) and their team fundraising goal is to raise at least $5000.  They have already received over $4000, and  are currently one of the top 5 fundraising teams for individual riders in Atlanta (other team rider categories are corporate and club)!

Between my parents, three younger siblings and myself, half of us have Type 1 Diabetes.  There was no family history when my brother Jim was diagnosed 21 years ago (he was only in 1st grade).  Soon after my mom was diagnosed, and eventually we found out my youngest sister Molly is diabetic as well.  Diabetes is also in Kevin's family, so when we got married we decided that instead of giving favors, we would make a donation to the American Diabetes Association on behalf of our guests.

Diabetes is a disease when a person's body does not produce insulin (Type 1) or does not respond to the insulin that is being produced (Type 2).  It's livable, but requires a change in lifestyle.  Diabetics have to watch what they eat, exercise, take shots of insulin and test their blood sugar tests multiple times throughout the day.  They are also at risk for heart disease, kidney failure, amputations or blindness if they don't take care of themselves properly.

Raising money for research and hopefully finding a cure for diabetes is obviously very close to my heart, but I'm sure a lot of you know at least one person with this disease.  Please consider donating, any amount you can give is helpful.

Please read their stories and donate to Team WolfePack.

Now for the baking aspect of the post (aka The Bribe The Thank You) . . .  If you donate $25 or more between now and May 20th, I'll bake you a dozen cookies.  After you donate, email me (sarah at sarahberridge dot com) with your address and I'll send treats as a thank you.  If you have diabetes and prefer diabetic-friendly cookies, just let me know, I'd be happy to accommodate.

Thank you!

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  1. My older sister is the best and makes great treats!!! Take her up this offer, you won't be disappointed. Not only will your donation be going toward finding a cure or better treatments for our family members and myself, but for over 25 million in the country suffering from this disease!

    Thanks for your generosity in advance!

    <3 James