Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Goals for 2013

Like most people, I seem to do much better completing goals if they are written down.  I'm more likely to remember and there's the added bonus of having a list to refer to as a reminder.  I've been blogging for over 3 years now, and this year I created some goals for myself and the blog for the next 12 months. 

Blog Goals for 2013
  1. Make at least 9 things from my List
  2. Blog makeover
  3. Set up a menu for my baking "business"
  4. Set up a recipe index
  5. Post at least 3 times per month
  6. Guest post on other blogs at least 3 times this year (at least one won't be a recipe)
  7. Weed down my Google Reader subscriptions
  8. Comment more on other blogs
  9. Host a giveaway
  10. Be more active on Twitter
  11. Be more active on the Facebook page
  12. Add all my posts to Pinterest
  13. Start pastry school (first class is in Feb!)
Do you set goals/resolutions once a year (New Years)? Or do you break it down into smaller chunks of time so you can reevaluate and create new goals? What are some of your goals?

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  1. Good luck with pastry school!!

  2. Oh you are SO good at commenting on others' blogs. I need to take a lesson from you! :)

    1. Thanks Lane! I try, but sometimes it's hard to remember to step out of Google Reader.

  3. I love the "to cook" list. Reminded me that we want to make raviolis - yum!

    1. We should get a group together to make one of the time consuming items (ravioli or pierogi). We'll make a ton and everyone gets to take some home.

    2. We've found it's hard to make ravioli with too big of a group b/c there's only so much space. 4 people are perfect. We could definitely do that!

  4. This is brilliant...great idea to come up with a blog goal list for the New Year and give yourself some positive challenges! Would love to have you guest blog anytime with one of your yummy recipes! Watch out 2013... here comes Cooker Girl :)